Wet Brush Pro Select Condition Edition Paddle Brush - Black Out

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Wet Brush · Brush

Description:J Beauty is committed to producing the highest quality products using the finest craftsmanship. They start at the very beginning using the best materials. The Wet Brush is super soft and has Intelli - Flex bristles. The bristles are thin yet extremely strong and flexible. They detangle hair with ease whether wet or dry. It is perfect for men, women, and kids with all hair types. It is even great for wigs. Features:High-quality. Created with the finest materials. - Equipped with Intelli - Flex bristles. - Eliminates tugging & tearing. - Will not pull or rip hair. - Reduces split ends & hair loss. - Provides healthy brushing & detangling. - Detangles wet or dry hair. - Perfect for all hair types.