Philip B

Philip B Rejuvenating Oil - 2 fl oz

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Philip B · Moisturizing · Clarifying · Olive Oil · Jojoba · Paraben-free · 2 oz · Not Tested on Animals

For dry to damaged hair & scalp. Essential & carrier oils of plants, nuts & flowers. Est. 1991. An intensive hair and scalp treatment that closely replicates the scalp's own natural sebum, the body's natural hair food. Philip B Rejuvenating Oil is a fragrant blend of carrier and essential oils derived from plants, nuts and flowers. Philip B Rejuvenating Oil imparts lipids into dry damaged hair and scalp. Deep, penetrating & soothing essential oils revive and restore hair's elasticity, resilience, and over-all strength. Define your hair, renewing the depth, vibrance and vitality of your color and texture dissipating the appearance of coarse gray, silver and regrowth. This is the oil that started it all, see and feel the results of bouncy, healthy, soft, silky, shiny hair from your very first treatment!