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Grow Gorgeous Shine Serum

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Serum · Volumizing · Shine Enhancing · 2 ounce.

Transform dull and lacklustre locks with the Grow Gorgeous Shine Serum; an ultra-lightweight leave in treatment that enhances hair’s natural light reflectivity for a multi-spectral, diamond-like shine. Harnessing unique light refraction technology, the advanced serum combines essential moisturisers with uncharged silicones that don’t cling to each strand, ensuring glossy and weightless results free from excessive product build up and sticky residue. Veiling hair with a smoothing primer and light deflecting top coat, the multi-tasking formula is non-water soluble, working to combat frizz and flyaways even in humid and damp conditions. Easily washed away with gentle cleansing, the Shine Serum imparts hair with a healthy-looking radiance and sleek, polished finish – because everyday should be a gorgeous hair day.Suitable for all hair types. Paraben and sulphate free.