Cellcosmet Switzerland Women's Ultracell Serum/0.03 oz

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For All Skin Types · Vitamin E · 1.03 fl oz

Revitalizing Cellular Cure in Phials. Highly concentrated in active stabilized bio-integral cells. A genuine cellular treatment cure serum rich in organic active proteins. Intensely revitalizes cutaneous tissue Optimizes quality of cellular renewal Stimulates natural defenses of epidermis Smoothes visible signs of aging Increases suppleness and improves tone Dramatically revives natural skin complexion Hypoallergenic,formulated to minimize risk allergic reactions Treatment duration is 12 days; 1 phial a day. Treatment plan is 2-3 times a year. Cyto-Cosmeceutical. For devitalized and stressed skin, from age 30. 12 x .03 oz. fl. oz. Made in Switzerland