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Church & Dwight Clean Shower Bathroom Shower Cleaner - 32 fl oz

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32 fl. oz. Scrub Free Clean Shower daily shower cleaner prevents soap scum and mildew stains. Just spray and walk away. Daily use prevents soap scum and mildew stain buildup. No more scrubbing. No harsh chemical fumes. Works great on all shower surfaces. For best results, start use Arm and Hammer Clean Shower after your shower has been thoroughly cleaned. While shower surfaces are still warm and wet, just spray Clean Shower on tiles, tubs, vinyl shower curtains, shower doors and all wet surfaces after every shower. It will prevent soap scum and mildew stain buildup. No need to scrub, wipe or rinse! For Shower Safety: Run shower or tub water before entering and always stand or a non-slip surface! Does not leave a dull residue when used as directed.